[repost] help with money giving system

I’m trying to make it to where when you get knocked (by using a force respawn thing) your opponent gets 10 cash and if you knock yourself the other person (your opponent) gets 10 cash and vice versa Another thing, what can you connect to a lifecycle?

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Wire a Lifecycle set to ‘player knocks out’ to an item granter.

The lifecycle can be wired to many different devices. I can’t list all of them. Any device that accepts wires can be wired from it.

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Like, for example you cant connect notifcation > lifecycle

well no

the lifecycle only has an output and no input

You wire it the other way around.

please delete the map name. advertising is a violation of the community rules.


okay! thanks for letting me know!

Thank you. would hate having another acc being banned.

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Ill test it! thanks!

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