Render Out Of Text

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Bruh don’t publish wips just put them into a Google doc or something. Also, like what?

Huh? Isn’t this like the most basic thing of all? Everyone should have this in their map, regardless. A top down map with a name? All maps need names.
You should finish this first.

Also, make the name Render Out Of Text[WIP]

sorry if this wasnt helpful. i am still working on it!

You only have a day to finish it because you are only rank 1.

who flagged this and why? you could flag it if it wasn’t finished at the end of editing time, but editing time isn’t over yet…


This topic was flagged because it barely included any information at all. Drafts exist, keep them in the drafts if it’s not done.


You can just use the drafts system of the forums for drafting topics that are work-in progress. As for @GuyOnGimkit , you can close the topic by marking a solution to any of the replies on this topic.