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Can I make a Sentry that moves like the players? I absolutely NEED this for my new game!!!


Gimkit may add this in the future


While you can’t make the sentry move like a player, you can have multiple sentries that deactivate and activate to make it look as though it is moving.


All those devices along with the sentrys would take a LOT of memory

you can’t, but like NavyCatZ said, you can activate and deactivate them

Yeah, so I would recommend just doing it as though the sentry is teleporting around. If it’s done frame by frame, then that would burn a truckload of memory.

Also, how would you make the sentry lose health if it’s multiple different sentries?

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There’s not much alternatives, but the poster could have a prop in the middle that deactivates the sentry when it’s destroyed.
This will only work with something like a boss room though. I don’t know what the poster is trying to do with the sentry, so it’s hard to figure out how to implement damage for their situation.

Hey @Robo757_Scratch, this would be good suggestion to put on the Gimkit Feedback Page!


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