Relay & Player Tracking Waypoint do not work

Like, it literally just doesn’t work. I tried hooking up a relay and a waypoint together with a wire (and with channels) and the waypoint doesn’t point to anyone. It clearly works with other things like respawn, but not waypoints. Is this a bug? All the other forums apparently are resolved.

What were you trying to do with it?

Just make it track a random player with a waypoint

After a bit of testing, I have concluded that it was simply a client issue. I tried the next day (I wrote this yesterday) and it worked. Whoopsie. Sorry for wasting anyone’s time.

how did you get it to work wdym client issue

It was just a user exclusive bug.


Actually, I had to make it connect with a wire AND a channel. Not one or the other. Pretty strange


Another device that does that… hmm. Popups require wires and channels if you want to display block code.

What, no? I only used channels for merchant max. Also, you have to use wires and channels for popups because you have to run wire pulse block, and open the popup.

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