Regenerating prop barriers

Props have the ability to be damaged with gadgets so I have that enabled for the plant barrier props. However, when destroyed, the prop doesn’t have an option to respawn. Is there a way to do this in the game or is it permanently destroyed until the map is restored?

Screenshot 2023-10-30 08.31.43

You can stack props, so one is hidden and one is shown, when the shown one gets destroyed players have to buy a new one, and the hiden one will show.

Can that be repeated over and over if the barrier is destroyed over and over or does that take up a lot of memory?

That can be repeated to more times you stack the props, and no, it will not take up much memeory at all, but with all things, the more you add, the more it eventually will take up.

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If one prop is destoryed, you can wire it to a counter and set it to whatever time you want it until it respawns. After it hits 0, which is the target value, it will show a brand new barrier, making it look like it regenerated itself. Hope this helps! (might be kind of costly.)

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