Recreating every gamemode in gimkit creative

There’s nothing on the gimkit dashboard that teaches me how to make a knockback system in GKC.

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Um… This guide doesn’t have much in it, other than the game pictures…

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I think Cello is gonna edit it later as it is a wiki.

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it’s a wiki for dynachamp for unlimited editing time


that’s not possible. yet.

anyone can :blush:

it will soon.


yeah but what if you don’t have enough memory?

I think he will do it in different maps.

Questions for the Wiki Guide

If your anyone to help, can you please make a poll that asks if someone is editing?
Can we submit resources on how to make parts of the gamemode?

wait ain’t there another guide on this? make no sense because i replied in one of this and I don’t see my comment and I just worrying.

Hang on let me search it up…

check this out:

May i edit this to add a poll that asks who is editing?

ok, i how would they make knockback?

So can I edit?

I edited for the Snowbrawl.

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Nvm I replyed to you before I checked if there was a new game mode lol.

Hm interesting project this’ll probably take a while


you all good sorry for the accusion :+1:

C’mon guys, are you gonna contribute to the wiki?


I do wish you luck on this, it’ll be difficult- that’s for sure.

while i’d like to help, I don’t see how it would be possible to recreate some functions.

You could prove me wrong on this, But I just don’t see how.

I also haven’t had any coffee so my brain isn’t functioning like it’s supposed too-

i’ll add something to it