Recreating every gamemode in gimkit creative

Here is the guide to recreating every, single, gamemode in GKC!

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How To Create Snowbrawl

Place a starting inventory device, and the weapon should be a rare snowball launcher. Place a lifecycle and health granter. Set the lifecycle to ‘Player Knocks Out’ and the health granter to 30-35 or any number you choose. Wire the lifecycle to the health granter. Then place a questioner far from the map where players can’t reach. Take an item granter and wire the questioner to the item granter. The item granter grants however much energy you want. The wire should be “When players answers guestion correctly” and the item granter should have the “Grant player item” option. Place a Game Overlay in the top-left or top-right corner, whichever you choose, and have it track energy. Place another game overlay on the bottom right corner that says ‘Answer Questions’ and should be a button. Wire the game overlay to the questioner. “When the player presses the button” or whatever it is called, connect it to the 'Open questioning screen". If I forgot something, please tell me!

-Written by GoofyIzzyGuy

Don’t Look Down


Capture the Flag




Snowy Survival


One Way Out


Dig It Up







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Uhh what is this for?

How exactly are you going to recreate knockback?

I just saw knockback and I was like oh, this is just another attempt for someone to get their game mode added but then I just checked Gimkit and saw this *Really Shocked!!! *
Ima go play it!!

Check the gimkit dashboard

@dynachamp can I help on this?

There’s nothing on the gimkit dashboard that teaches me how to make a knockback system in GKC.

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Um… This guide doesn’t have much in it, other than the game pictures…

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I think Cello is gonna edit it later as it is a wiki.

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it’s a wiki for dynachamp for unlimited editing time

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that’s not possible. yet.

anyone can :blush:

it will soon.


yeah but what if you don’t have enough memory?

I think he will do it in different maps.

Questions for the Wiki Guide

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wait ain’t there another guide on this? make no sense because i replied in one of this and I don’t see my comment and I just worrying.

Hang on let me search it up…

check this out:

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ok, i how would they make knockback?

So can I edit?

I edited for the Snowbrawl.

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