Rebrand the Art Of

We should rebrand the art of series to the essence of concepts and chapters within that… sort of off-topic

will you play game with me if i give u code

Sorry, but codes aren’t allowed in this forum. Please refrain from using it.

Don’t post codes here.

i want smeone to play my new game : (

Do that on the wixsite, GCC, or the discord.

You could share it here:

thanks yous :smile: kfjowjfjw

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The reason why the forums won’t allow other people to post their own games here is because it creates spam into the forum and people would be less active in the forums.

I’m making essence of block code, but does someone want to make essence of something else? Like abstract fields in gimkit creative?

Essence of Abstraction? Or the Essence of Concepts?

will some one plz check wixite for me gam cod

Please don’t try to get off-topic, although. I’m busy with stuff and other things though…

I don’t judge people’s maps. Please don’t start an argument though. I’ll try to look at it later.

Stop saying “please don’t start an argument though” as it indirectly antagonizes the other person (you’re basically saying “you’re starting an argument”, which they may not be intending to do, and it will get them unhappy).


@getrithekd, remember to mark a solution soon (to avoid more off-topic replies and flags)!

is there a solid purpose for this or just your opinion /nm

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