Really old topic user cannot mark a solution

wait your idea did’t work cause it stayed unlocked but i’ll tell u how to do it

you had the zone right, mine should have worked

you add a life cycle and make it player knocked out

then you pick any name for your channel

make two spaces guarded by barriers and add a different terrain then your back round that is the same size as the area you made

oh and add a trigger next to the life cycle then set the trigger to the channel name you chose on the life cycle (I chose trigger) like this

oops ignore that picture

sorry can I restart?

ohh, wait, when you said barrier i was talking about the barrier device

not the prop

same, but I’ll just send you pictures of what I did

no, its fine dont

i insist

this will be to deactivate the barriers and I know it unlocks it for evryone but your way did too so i figured this at least saved memory

make an area like this

ignore the activate part right now

set the zone like this