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Please help me. I really need this

@Cameron_Sharer I hear your good at this. anyway you can help?

Surround the area with barriers and create a zone that is as large as the barriers.
Now, make it so that the barriers are deactivated at the start of the game, but when you enter the zone, they activate, so you cannot leave.

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You don’t need the zone. Just spawn in the barrier. It will let you leave, but once you out, you cant go back in the barrier. (Make sure the barrier is not visible in game)


No I meant a zone that will allow u to get off it but not on it. the only way on it is by dying and respawning there. Kind of like jumping off a roof, ( if u survived unharmed) you can leave but not enter

If you want the opposite of what mysz is suggesting, then put the transmission name in the textbox for When player leaves zone, transmit on… instead of When player enters zone, transmit on… - the player can spawn in the area, but as soon as they leave it, the barriers are activated.


You don’t need any zones. If you spawn or teleport in the barrier, it will let you leave. But once you do, you can’t go back in.


i’ll try both thanks

Use this: How to Make an Automatic Door (Difficulty: 🟨)

but what do u mean spawn in the barrier

just put a barrier where people spawn and it disables shooting into the barrier and prevents people from entering once they leave

has anyone her played the original tag mode! :person_facepalming:

i have, but this is confusing, where in tag can you leave and not enter again…

and you know how when you respawn after being tagged you can leave?

well I was able to make it so that you can spawn there in the beggining of the game and then leave, but can’t get in , but when you respwan it won’t let u back out

ohhhh, i get it, get a lifecycle set to player knocked out, and have two triggers, one for team one and one for team two. wire the lifecycle to both, and wire the trigger for team one to the barrier for team one, and disable it. that should hopefully work i cant test right now

k I got it but it opens all teams barriers but it should be fine because it only opens for a second

also I tweaked your plans a bit so don’t tell anyone this definitely works

ok, glad it works, but could you pm me how you tweaked it, just for my own knowledge, i’ll keep it a secret if you want, i just want to know

you can tell if u want i just tweaked it to save memory