Real Quick Question

Any one know if the red panda gim will ever be released? like ive seen it in the wiki, and im dieing to have it…

I’m pretty sure forum users don’t know release dates of gims.

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fair enough, some are connected to the discord not sure whats goes on there

@Void we aren’t the game developers
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You should probably check out the Wiki for info about Gims.

wow mysz you’re quite active

What happened to this?

yeah thats where i saw it… i was just wonderin if anyone else had any other info, i feel like it would fit the game, same with the racoon.

really? I’m trying not to be :frowning:

well since mysz is back, i requested tl3

if it goes through then I’m sorta active

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The Wiki has basically all the info about Gims.

no that’s a good thing

ty btw though, ill doo dome more digging.


Lets stop replying so this post can close.

Last question have you seen it in the wiki?

dont think so

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