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How do you send a link to someone to get the “Promoter” badge? Also how do you make a wiki post?

#1: You create an invite link and send it to someone or yourself.
#2: You can create a wiki post by clicking the three dots near the bottom of the post and then clicking the wrench. Wiki posts can only be created by users with trust level 3 or above.

There is no wrench
How do you make an invite link?

That’s because you haven’t reached tier 3 yet.

Oh, thanks!

Go to your settings and there is an invites button on the large sidebar.

Why is there an invites section on others’ profile’s?

It shows who they’ve invited. Check mysz’s invite bar.

Okay, thanks for telling me.


What does “Restrict to” and “Max uses” do?

Also why can you create an invite from another person’s profile?

“restrict to” means that’s who its sending to

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Idk why you can…

But what is “Max uses” for? @here

how many times the link can be clicked, I think

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