Randomly Teleporting?

How to fix it???
In a certain area, I randomly teleport in my creative map. I have a video of the bug idk how to post it.

do you have a hidden teleporter or anything linked to a teleporter?

(Videos can’t be uploaded here)

no i do not i have no idea why

Screenshot 2023-12-12 11.32.43 AM
It happens around here

Hmmm reload your game?

Blast ball just came out and new devices where launched, so my guess is its one of those update bugs. Can you X’out of your tab and rehost and if that does not work restart your device and try again. And if that does not work, email support. hello@gimkit.com.

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ok i will try ty for helpijg w

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Your welcome and a helpful tip is to put your unwanted text in the symbols<> and it will hide it and bypass the character limit, this is for the forum btw.

which devices did they add?


Read this.

theres no new devices only changes to existing ones

The blaster.

thats a weapon not a device

Its in the devices.

There basically is, the blaster was added, a change to the item granter- but it is still new, and then tiltable barriers, and round zones. But technically yes. Plus more is going to be added very soon.



Item granter is in devices. Item granter can grant weapons. Therefore, weapons are basically in devices.

technically weapons are not in devices directly.

yes but that weapon was not a thing, so it is new.

its not a device though