Randomizer help?

Hey, I’m trying to make a randomizer, in my game there is a 50/50 chance of you making it out on the raft.
Could anyone help?
Please don’t link any guides, I’ve tried most of them I’m confused so I’m posting on the help.

First, place a trigger down. In its blocks (when triggered). Now, add the blocks below, except make it an integer from 1 to 2 and only 2 do’s:


Then, add the channels desired and wire to what you need!

Any questions? If you do, just mention @wingwave to ping me!

how do I do I get the

“do if else” block
sorry I’m just trying to get into blockcoding

It should be under the “Logic” category on the left sidebar.

its only “do if” not “do if else”

Click on the little blue gear button located on the block to add more to it. Sorry for not telling you about that!

thanks you :smiley:

bpyassing char limt


No problemo, always @ Here_to_Help happy to help!

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