Random Teleporter with Random Maps

I need help trying to figure out how to make a player teleport into the correct random map selected. Is this possible at any chance?

If its a random map selected, wdym by correct? Wouldn’t it be random?

If you want to get random generated maps I don’t think that’s possible.

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Map as in areas, or map as in different games?

Map is technically different each game.

Like a voting system to choose the maps?

No, it’s not a voting system. The map is just randomized technically on each game.

Can you show me an image of your randomizing system?

just look up how to make a randomizer, there are plenty of guides.

This is what I have for my randomizing system. It works, just letting you know. Do I just use this same code and just use a button or a zone instead?

quick question, why do you need to disable the other maps?

But anyway, put a relay and have it set to all players, or which ever players you want to teleport and have it set up like this ( for the other maps, just change the channel names)

Then make a teleport like this

Alright, thanks for showing me this.

I have to disable the other maps because to get to the map, you have to push a button to enter the map.

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