Random teleporter is not being random

I made a trigger send a signal on a channel and I made 3 teleporters that “teleport here when receiving on” is set to the same channel as the trigger. But, the trigger only teleports players to 1 of the 3 teleporters.

The teleporters are random as they will randomly teleport you to a random teleporter. Gims can’t be in multiple places at once! Also, are they all linked with the same teleportal groups? If not that may also be why.


this should be on the “bugs” section

This isn’t a bug.

You cannot be in 3 places at once, and since there are 3 teleporters, there is a 1/3 chance you will teleport to one of these teleporters.

I didn’t post in a long time. Sorry guys time management issues

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This is not a bug. But, welcome to the forum, @Apple ! I suggest you read the new-user-must-read or beginner-must-read .

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Sorry I meant to say that I tried activating the trigger multiple times and it only took me to the first teleporter each time, and no they are not in the same group.

Are they wired like this?

(Trigger) Triggered —> (Teleporter) Teleport Player Here

If so, delete that wire.

The second group of teleporters have to be in the same group.

The first one, which we’ll call Teleporter A has a Group of A and a Target if B.

The second one (duplicate them) which we’ll call Teleporter B have a Group of B and a Blank Target.

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I just added all 3 teleporters to the same group but it still does not teleport me to a random one after 4 tries. also they are not wired

Wait, did you follow these videos?

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What you want to do is have one teleporter near the trigger, and your 3 farther away. Don’t make the 3 far away triggers receive on anything. In the groups, put “Anything you want”. Then, in the close teleporter, set it’s groups to “Anything you want”. Now, wire your trigger to the teleporter. Trigger triggered → teleport to target.

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Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your time here!

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I did not look at those videos

Ok I will try it thanks


Now it only teleports me to the second teleporter I had set up

It should teleport you to a different one each time.

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Do you want me to set anything in the target groups of any of the teleporters?

Only the target group of the single teleporter, not the group of 3.

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I changed it to what you just said and it teleports me to one of the teleporters for a millisecond then teleports me to a different one

I don’t know what to tell you. I think that Haiasi could help you more than me.