Random Scenarios for Dont press the button

You got unsilenced?!?
Welcome back!!!

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Was I really that special? if so that feels great to know

thank you

I haven’t heard from you in like a month

a train runs over you

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what type of train :smirk:

here is a idea of my mind

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bruh, I thought you were Haiasi. Welcome back, @Gimkitsuggestor!

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I am a SR 71 Blackbird. the fastest plane in the world

now back on topic

that was actually used. the sr 71 Blackbird is a bomber. used by the USSR. also used in the cold war

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was the first one made by target

the sr 71 Blackbird was basically made by Russia.

but me don’t like russia

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I would like to hear more that seems pretty interesting

maybe so u get an annoying pop-up covering your screen that you can only close after a certain amount of time

give all the players good things for a bit, and a bit of bad, and then switch it after a bit so it ALL bad

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Mmmmmm what if i shows 2 buttons and if u press the wrong one, u get eliminated, or maybe u get to choose which one of the players eliminated, or if ya wanna eliminate ur self

lets try to think of roblox dont press button scenarios maybe

O ok….idk rlly play that game tho, so i cant help…