Random Player Selecting

I discovered that if you set up a relay to broadcast on behalf of a random player

And connect it to two devices such as item granters
Then the items will always both be granted to the same player.


I’d think that’s what would happen but yeah


Because it chooses 1 player to give both of the items.

Yeah. But if you were to do that relay, and then another way it triggers later in the game or at another time, it should get triggered twice and therefore select another player

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It selects a random player and then gives both to that player. Do it twice and it probably won’t be for the same person each time.

Your misconception here is that the relay-item granter system runs twice, instead of the relay converting the scope to the random player’s scope and acting from there.


It can broadcast the relay to the same player, but that is kind of unlikely (if you have a lot of players)


If you didn’t want the relay to select the same player, you could wire it to a checker (checking the item you got from the relay, check is “equal to” btw) and if the player has the item (check passes) it’ll just select another player

Yeah that’s a good idea.

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