Random people not being able to attack at random times

For some reason when I have tested my battle royale game a random person would not be able to attack as you can see in game my main gim has their weapon disabled for some reason
Screenshot 2023-11-19 10.25.35 AM

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First, check ammo. Next check your zones for no firing. Next, idk.

I checked it there was infinite refills and there was zero no attack zones except the starting area which is not located there. in the starting area photo 1:
Screenshot 2023-11-19 10.28.01 AM

Photo 2:

Was the player able to shoot when going outside the barrier?

Only the test gim could attack. The host gim Theaxolotl could not. Also they were outside of the barrier.

Is this still happening after a week?

It only started happening for me on the Friday two days before now.

Whoa, for some reason, to me, it’s saying everything’s been posted 7 days ago. Forum Bugs.