Random hidden escape hatch

Ok, the ball is not glitched, it’s an escape hatch. Please help me why it’s broken.


It’s just like that sometimes. No idea why sadly.

No idea how to solve it.

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Oh, I will try moving it in different spots then.

Oh, I think I found the problem, earlier I had an escape hatch, and when I clicked it, for some reason it turned invisible. Now when I walk right there it is a area that is blocked with collision. I’m guessing it’s the hatch but when I go on it doesn’t show a click or thing. I guess this happens when you get 12/12 b.alls on the map.

I’m keeping it open if anyone knows how to fix the invisible hatch though.

maybe delete it and put another one

You could email hello@gimkit.com to contact the mods.

Uh… this might be a glitch. Try replacing the ball and checking all the settings. Alas, if this glitch is still bugging you, email the mods.

Okay, will do. Got to go.

Wait, remember, I can’t actually click on the hatch.