Racing Powerups

I have a racing game that is near the end of its development. Its needs a few finishing touches and bug fixes. I want to include mystery boxes sort of like Mario Kart in my game to enhance it. I need around 8-10 different options, and I am having a difficult time brainstorming.

Systems I already have independent of the mystery boxes.

  • car upgrades
  • speed boosts
  • slow zones
  • progress system (not placement)

Mystery Box options accepted

  • Blindness
  • 2 second freeze
  • One shot slingshot
  • Tires/Crashes
  • Lasers following player
  • Blue shell
  • Unlockable detour
  • Reset everyone to the starting line
  • -null-
  • -null-

Randomizer, and maybe a gun fro 10 secs?

a random person gets stopped for 3 seconds to simulate a crash! It could be the triggering player though

I think i might use a modified version of this. I like the crash aspect but I think it would be cool if it came as a result of not managing your tires. You would have to make a pit stop every so often to get new tires because your tires can only put up with X amount of movement.

I already have a slingshot to act like a Red shell so I’ll think about it but Idk if I’ll need it

ok! thats really cool!

Weegee ray aka rare quantum portal one shot

In my game your speed is anywhere from 2-3x which is way to fast for a quantum portal bullet.

Fyi. I still need help on this, please respond if you have a good, new, idea.

Maybe add some supa speed. Make you go faster than usual. And maybe make other people go slower as one too.

Did you even read?

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Oh… my bad, maybe add a shortcut thing that you unlock if you get a mystery box, giving you a small shortcut to help you get in front of the race

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So like this?
A prop of your choice in a zone
Player steps in zone,
Activate effect?

Thats actually a pretty good idea. It would have to be pretty rare probability but I’ll add it.

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Maybe make it so the speed buff from a mystery box lasts longer. same for slowness. So even after you leave that zone you still havei t.

You could just do that with trigger blocks
Glad to help tho!

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Another idea is something that targets first place, giving them a disadvantage, kinda like a BLUE SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Would be a bit difficult to track though, :frowning:

Yeah,thats kinda impossible as far as i know

Yeah i can do a blue shell but not a red. A red would take a placement system instead of progress