Quick Tag Zone Question

I am making a Cops And Robbers Tag Game Where The Cop Tags The Robbers And Puts Them In Jail. For The Jail, When Tagged They Get Teleported There And A Barrier Appears. However, If The Cop Goes In The Jail, They Will Be Tagged Again. Since There Is No Scope On Tag Zones, Is There Any Way To Do This Without Switching Their Teams? (There are no relay options that work for me)

Hmm, this might be a little difficult for me but I will try to help as much as possible.

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So, you meant that the cop is going into the robbers zone for penalty?

Technically, that would be correct.
(The cop going inside the jail cell)

Did you make the tag zone for any of either of the teams to tag each other?

The cops tag the robbers is how I have it set up

And how do the cops get into the jail cell?

They just walk in, the barrier has a scope set so the robbers can’t get out but the cops can get in

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And then the cops get stuck in there?

No, I have the barrier activated for the robbers once they get tagged, but it is only active for that robber. If you get tagged, the barrier appears

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Do you have time rn or no?

I might not have time right now. I have to go right now, but if @LEPRECON2024 can help @ModerateCape86 , then go for it! Might as well give another marked solution for the day!

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not really

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Ok, will you have time in like 10 minutes or no, im working on the second map, and we need to put the counter back into it.

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Using checkers work. Just have certain teams have certain items and check for them before they enter the game. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but could you restate the entire thing?

I guess checkers would work with properties. To Testing!

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Nevermind, it didn’t work.

Wait—I’m confused—which team can tag? The cops?


Then how do the cops get tagged if they are the only ones able to tag?

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