Quick Question on Counters

I was wondering: Can you make a counter have a target number, but every time it increments it teleports you somewhere and opens a pop up?

(Ik this isn’t in wires but idk if it’s in the channels area)

Why would you want a target in that case?

Something special happens on the target number

Uh, so set it to send on a channel when incremented. E.g.: send on “incremented” and then it teleports you somewhere when receiving on incremented, which then opens up a popup.


my acc got unbanned so are you able to go on PyxelBite Productions to do some working?

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@Kormorant can you do it so that if the target number is three something happens on 1, something different happens on two, and something else happens on 3?

Well, that would require some checkers. Or… hold up.
Yeah. So get a property and name it “incrementCount”. Make it a number property.

Go to the counter and set it to update incrementCount. Now, when the counter first increments, wire it to a checker (incremented → check) that checks the property incrementCount if it is one. Wire the counter to another checker that checks if it is two. And wire the counter to a third checker that checks if it is three. If check passes on checker 1, then the first thing happens, check passes on checker 2, second thing happens, etc.


I’ll try these tmrw so I won’t mark a solution rn just in case I have any questions

js connect what increments to counter to the teleporter and link the teleporter to the popup:
thing to teleporter:
thing happens —> teleport player here
teleporter to popup
player teleported here —> open popup
thing to counter
thing happens —> increment counter

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Why is this going to close if there is no solution?



Just take the device that increments the counter (for example, when button pressed → increment counter) and wire it to a teleportal, then open Channels in the Teleportal, (When player teleported here, transmit on channel → “Open popup” or something of that manner) Go to the popup and press open when receiving on “Open Popup”

If you want to go simple, this isn’t very memory efficient, but it should work.

Either on the counter or property, broadcast on a channel to a trigger. Cide the trigger in blocks to do...
incrementCount = 1

if incrementCount == 1:
  print("This is the first time it was incremented.")
elif incrementCount == 2:
  print("This is the second time it was incremented.")
elif incrementCount == 3:
  print("This is the third time it was incremented.")

Sorry the code is in python lol. Just pretend “print” is Broadcast message on channel.

Note: this works if you go to www.online-python.com

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Just use the same channel as incrementing to teleport the player.

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