Questions about GKC

I have another couple of questions (sorry I’m not THAT good at GKC):

1: If there’s a way, how do you make it so after you do something, another knockout manager will drop something different when you kill enemies?

2: Plz try to explain blocks in a simple way, it’s too complicated for me, if you can’t, it’s ok.

What Is The Thing To Activate The Different Drop Knockout Manager?

That’s what I don’t know. Do you know?

Well blocks are pretty complicated in general. I encourage using scratch garden to understand more! They also use block coding! If there are any specific inquiries about block code, feel free to ask! Not sure what you mean in question 1 , but good luck!.

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Maybe It Could Be A Vending Machine And A Trigger

Ok, thank you @TryEverything and @Chris10!

Do You Want Me To Tell You How To Do It?

Do the knockout thing?

Sure, if that’s what ur talking about that.


@Chris10, are you gonna tell me how to do it or are you still working on it?

Wire The Vending Machine To The Trigger
Item purchasedTrigger
Next, Place A Property And Click It. Type In Header And Make Sure The Type Of Property Is Text And Make The Value 0. Then, Click The Trigger And Click Blocks, Then, Click, When triggered…

After That, Make A New Variable Named Number Or Something And Then Copy This Code:

I’m Tired

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Oh nvm, I see you’re repying

Ok, thanks for the help @Chris10 !

This Is Going To Be Long So, I Couldn’t Finish It…

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Oh, that’s ok, you tried your best.

I Might Do A Guide On That… But For Now, Toodles :wave: :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks for the help anyways.

@zap_bolt I already started this before Chris10 finished but use it if you want.

  • Knockout Managers




  • Vending Machine
    No changes needed



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Oh, thank you @awesomeT43! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m glad there actually is a way to do it that fast.

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