Questions about GKC season ticket

  1. If I buy season ticket and use more than 3 map slots, what happens when the season ticket ends?

  2. If I use ALL my map slots as platformer maps, what happens to them when season ticket ends?

  3. Do I get a short time period to renew season ticket before my extra maps are lost?

  1. They don’t get deleted. After the season, you won’t be to access them until you renew the ticket.
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and if they were all platformers, then you would have no maps until you renewed it?

  1. All of your maps except for your first 3 maps won’t be accessible until you get the season ticket again.
  2. I don’t think Josh talked about that yet.
  3. No.

I don’t think Josh talked about that yet.

I don’t think so, no. maybe not. I dunno.

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