Questioner won’t closed when knocked out by laser

I have a bank where the questioner is in lasers that activate every so often but when students are knocked out by the laser they still have the screen open.

The questioner will stay open when you die. However, you could use a lifecycle with the settings to run on knocked out, and wire it to the questioner to close the screen.

Do you have a wire set to close the questioner?

Create a channel called close_questioner and go to your laser and make it broadcast on that channel when you get hit by it. Next go to your questioner and for deactivate when receiving on put close_questioner.

Do you want the questioner to be deactivated or just closed?

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What do you mean by that?

Ok I’ll try that and see if it works…

A wire (or a channel), between the laser and the questioner, like so: (player hit by laser → close questioner).

It worked! Thanks everyone for the quick replies.

Thanks @raeB for the solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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