Questioner Troubles (solved by me :D)

As I’m sure some people know, I’m currently making an escape room map. I’m using a questioner for a room. I recently got some friends to playtest, and they found a bug.

When you get the question wrong, it shows you the answer. How do I get rid of this?

I really don’t like the questioner device. It’s very unpolished, and needs a lot of work. But I know that this isn’t the place to give suggestions to make it better, so excuse my major yappage :speaking_head:

I honestly don’t think you can.

Let me check out gimkit creative real quick.

Yeah, after checking it out. Saw nothing, only changing the correct/incorrect answer, like what you get when you get a answer correct or incorrect. It will always show the wrong answer. So yeah, you can’t sadly.

another way to show that is that if you looked at the nolt gimkit has agreed to forcefully show the correct answer to the person that got it wrong making



Could you think of maybe a way to instantly close the questioner when you get the question wrong?

OHHH my bad I meant correct answer

Yeah, if a player gets it wrong, close the interface. (should work)

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saved me from having to go out of retirement if you need to look at bio for more info

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So I made it to when you get the question wrong it increments a counter and the target value is 1, and when the target value is reached, it closes the interface
Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 2.04.06 PM
Am I overthinking this?

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