Question for thumbnail requests. Not requesting one [DO NOT REPLY]

So there is a tag called art-request right.
So is that where you go to for thumbnail requests?

art-request is the thumbnail requests tag. However the community goes against thumbnail requests for some reason, so expect backlash if you try to create a thumbnail request as the community has been trying to get rid of them as a whole. In short, posting one will make the community flag you and post many comments saying they don’t want thumbnail requests in this forum.

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It was decided by the community that art requests aren’t good for the forums. Before this decision, thumbnails were allowed and so an art request tag was created. After the decision though, we can’t delete tags, and so it just sticks around now.


Since thumbnails are banned now, the best place to go to get a thumbnail is the wix site.

Or a padlet.

What’s a padlet?

Also mark a solution soon, because this could be considered off-topic.

A website where most Gimkit forum people go to chat. Discord is personally a better option if unblocked since its intended use is chatting while padlet is more corporate.


The wixsite is mostly used for code sharing and such, but you can also make your own wix site for chatting. I am not too familiar with that website however, please do comment about this subject.


holy cow dude
@twofoursixeight how do you not know by now

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“for some reason”
dude they’re just against the rules

Do not reply on resolved topics if you do not have anything useful to add.

Wow, CringeKarlScott just commented on my post!

lmao ok
so have you just always thought that i run the wixsite?

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Yeah, you retired a while ago
Now cassius, rekt, hat, and the moderators take care of it
Side note:
I usually don’t go through group requests on weekends

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there are so many instances where twofoursixeight has literally had negative impacts on this forum
and he only cares about discourse on it, not gimkit


If there is a tag for thumbnail requests, then that means thumbnail requests are allowed.

Tags don’t mean anything
I created that tag because I was sick of people putting art on help topics, and I didn’t mean it to have 250+ topics under it

I’m going through all the posts and trying to delete the tag from all posts at the moment.

Any regular can make a tag, just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s a rule.

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“If there is a tag for off-topic stuff, then that means off-topic stuff is allowed.”