Question for a save file

so you know how you can make a save file thing that saves stuff from other games? Can they save the amount of an item you have? For ex. can it save how much cash you have in a game and you can access it in other games.

Yeah. If you’re just looking to save the amount of an item you have, just give the player a number that represents the amount of that item they have, and when the game starts, ask the to enter that number. Then give them however many of that item they said. That’s the basic principle.

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so just making sure, you can make a save file but they have to remember the number of the item they had?

Yeah. The idea behind save files is you generate some number that represents the state of the game. Then the player enters that number at the start of the game to jump back to where they were.

In your case, you only have one number that you want saved, so would just make a save code with that number and ask the player to remember it.

(There’s no auto save, the player has to remember their save code)

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Kinda, yeah but you would need triggers and stuff, also you cant save it in-game.

so i will just put text or a popup or something that says “remember this number” or something like that.
(now I have to learn how to build one lol.)


And then just make some way for them to input that number later, and then give them that many items.

(You might want to do something like “Save code” “This is your save code! Enter it at the start of a game to jump back to where you are right now! [code here]”

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