Question about the advertising rule... *Probably Off-topic*

If our game are is in our bios, it won’t really disrupt the forums, can we simply put it there?

I thought of it when looking at ads

sorry @CaptionPuffy im not too sure but maybe
or @WolfTechnology can awsnser this.

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No, just no. We truly don’t need a reason, just don’t do it.
Sorry if I’m rude.

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@GimSolver Thank you for the answer, even if it was a strange question. I wonder whether they will soon create something for advertising, probably not.

Yeah sorry for the late reply i don’t get on that early.

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Maybe someone should make a WIX just for ads.

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no, that wouldn’t work, plus it would be advertising gimkit, as a wix site, which it is not.


They should add a category for advertising.

Not sure if they have that already, i would presum so.

isn’t it allowed to advertise in your own bio?

with a link, but im not exactly sure because not many people try to bend the rules.

It’s unclear if we can or can’t I was just re reading the rules and it just says don’t advertise in topics blah blah clutter but nothing about putting it in BIOS

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