Question about Dynamic Blocks

With the relatively recent addition of Dynamic Blocks, many new things are possible. For instance, this allows for say, a proper 2d minecraft, bedwars, or gimkit creative in gimkit creative. However, I was recently attempting to create a GKC Bedwars map. Now, because I do not have the season ticket, I am using the Top-Down map style. So I made a test map with buttons to test giving blocks to place. Now, I was really happy…
But then came the reason I made this post.
Those blocks cause a collision! This is extremely annoying because in bedwars, players create blocks to walk across to get special resources, or, go and attack other teams.

Summary: I want players to walk across the blocks, not be stopped by them.
1: I have a feeling it is impossible to achieve, but I want to make sure.
2: I’ve been reading the forums for a little while, no need to welcome me :smile:

Any answers are appreciated!

I’m not really sure if it is possible to remove collision from dynamic blocks.
Maybe they will add an option in the future. For now, they would be good for defence

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You could make the blocks as a floor instead of wall. But if you want them to appear when you click a button I don’t think you can do that with terrain. You can do that with barriers though! You can make them not have collision then switch them to the color you want.

How would I do that when they are given to the player? Sorry if I forgot to specify that the blocks are given as an item to the player when the button is pressed.

You can use an item granter to give them the block but they do come out as a wall. I’ll look into it more and tell you what I figure out!

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@LethalFlame So can you explain to me a bit more how they can build? They press a button and that gives them dynamic blocks?

Here’s what it looks like thus far.

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Yikes! Sounds like this might not be possible at the moment without platformer…
When I imagine it in my head it seems like it would work but now that you bring this up…

I was thinking you could place down the block, which places down a barrier without collision (which would be the fake block) but you can’t wire barriers. Sorry!

It’s fine. I figured it wouldn’t be possible, just making absolute sure.


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