PvP Tips n' Tricks [Quantum Portal Edition]

Hi, this is the next part of the
pvp series, and today we are explore the Drumroll please QUANTUM PORTAL
Probably the most infamous of them all, the quantum portal has the highest damage in game.
The only debuff is that, well, probably not ONLY:

  1. Well, it has the slowest projectile speed in game
  2. It has one shot per round, so you have to reload every time you shoot.
  3. Projectile stands out, so people can easily see it.
    These are the major issues of the quantum, but there are some good things like:
  4. Insanely high damage, iif you have legendary, and you are using default player health and shield (100 health, 100 shield) then it can 1 shot.
  5. Big projectile hitbox, so it is a bit harder to dodge (still really easy though.)
    This weapon is pretty good at clearing a path, so if you are in a tight alleyway, and players are running at you, then you can fire a quantum, and it will clear a path for you.
    Also, do NOT underestimate the people using quantum as main, because, if you don’t have reload on you map, then they can fill hotbar with quantums and spam the, making a quantum machine gun. And, people using quantums will try to get close and one shot you. Strat is just DON’T GET CLOSE with people with quantums, but if you have to, make unpredictable movements,
    so they have a greater chance of missing.

Thanks for reading.

if your going to do this please put it into one guide


Yes correct me if im wrong but this seems off-topic as its not even a guide

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umm, i dont see how this is off topic.
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It’s not entirely off topic, as it’s still relevant to GKC, but it’s also not completely about worldbuilding and stuff either.

Oh, I thought we could make stuff that isn’t entirely about world building

its just this guide is mostly to improve how well you play

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