Puzzle ideas for a minigame?

so i need help coming up with ideas to make a puzzle
so just slap a couple puzzles i could try to make
down below pweaze

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Laser Maze and DeathRun are good choices :+1:

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laser maze is too simple
deathrun ehhhhhhhhhhh it´s a bit cliche but i can make a good one if i tried
but what im aiming for is kinda like just like puzzles that are complicated

A moving blocks puzzle?
Making a find the button?
Making a reflection thingy
Making a press the right buttons in order.
Theirs more if you want them.

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maybe you should make 8bit styled minigames? they’re easy to design yet fun to code.
some examples:
pong , pacman , four square , atari breakout (there isn’t a guide on it yet, but it would be incredibly easy to code.) Or like speedy_kd4 said captain gim was making tetris but i haven’t seen it so try giving that a shot.


Snake… maybe check out scratch for ideas, or just guides on this.

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making tetris sounds like a blackhole coding skill level
pacman maybe
pong is easily possible in top down
four square i havent played in a long time so i forgot what dat is
find the button is erm too simple for me
reflection sounds good but would require a coordinate system but im waiting on the player coordinate system device to come out first
press the buttons in the right order sounds awesome but i´m gonna have to experment with it
i might do it with like a code system

… um ok. Four square is 4 people 1 on each square in a grid and they hit a ball to each other and try to get eachother out till its a 1v1 and there is spots like king, queen, joker, and toilet.

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Tetris you would just need blocks that make randdom channels go off which makes certain barriers go which makes the blocks and if you press ← then it changes the blocks a side same for right. and makes endless come down. It’s pretty easy.

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Some kind of invisible maze that you have to try and find a way out of it.

question is how would you get it to detect when rows are completed?

You could do what I did and make you enter a cave with a maze but ou can barely see the walls because of barrier above you.

by the gawds the lag on this forum is insane ._.

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So, it activates a counter and when their are all the counters set it gets rid of the barriers in a row, in simplest form.
-I know that you can do things that seem impossible because I am making risk, monopoly in the same map.
Also you could use sentry’s for the blocks because gravity.

mk also
now that sentry-zone interactions have been brought back we can make friendly sentries again so yay :smiley:

Oh hi

What about a maze where you have to go through the doors in the correct order, and if you mess up you get sent back to the start?

sounds awesome i´ll try after i experiment with something rq :3

done with dat :3 it took some effort in debugging cuz apparently i had to separate some if blocks to get it to go in the right order even made an extra puzzle where you have to hit all the green boxes in time to win
i might make a guide on the order thing but the other puzzle no

screen recorded mp4 file (nvm i cant post mp4 files on here womp womp)

What about you have to be chased through a maze by sentries to find invisible buttons and hidden passageways? Find gadgets and ammunition to fend off sentries? Different types are signified by skin, health, shield, weapon/weapon tier, rarity, damage, and speed.

hungy fo mo puzzles ive already made

  1. connect the laser puzzle
  2. hit all the green boxes in time in win puzzle
  3. button order puzzle