Purchasable Healing Zone

Does anyone know how to make it so when a player buys something from a vending machine, a zone that heals you when you are in it appears for 20 seconds.

Hi! One of the possible ways of doing this is that when the Vending Machine is purchased, it deactivates a barrier that was covering up a zone wired to a Health Granter so that [When Player Enters Zone, Grant Player Health].

Then, separately add a Repeater wired to a Counter decrementing every 1 second and starting value 20 (together, a timer). When the Vending Machine is purchased, the Repeater should start. The Counter’s target should be 0. Place a Teleporter outside the barrier that is invisible to players. Wire the Counter to the Teleporter so that [Target Reached, Teleport Player Here], and also to the barrier so [Target Reached, Activate Barrier].

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:!