Publishing Issues (not sure if this is off topic but its about GKC so)

I’ve reached out to gimkit in a email and got Parlin Ross to help me but she stopped replying after she said something. I did what she said but when I re-published it I checked the discovery to see if it published but it didnt show up but when I took the publish link and showed up…Is it not showing up in GKC discovery because it hasnt been played yet or is this a question for bugs??

You have to wait for a while before it shows up

discovery is a bit weird, try searching part of the description and it will come up if not. email josh at

oh okay so it wont show up in the discovery for a while?

At least that’s what happens to me…

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idk gimkit discovery is finicky.

yeah it only shows ten games at a time so if you put the description of the game it should come up.

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oh yeah and it is called Space Protectors if you see it please play :smiley:


Nice name, but please don’t advertise! :slight_smile:


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