Publishing A Game Image Not Working

For the past few months, me and my friend have been making a game and we are finally done. But when we try to upload the cover image, it says an upload error with no more information given.


Maybe there is a size issue or a file type issue.

The file type pretty much has to be JPEG, that could be the problem

We are using a jpeg format image. Here it is.

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could be that the file image is either too big or too small…

Ok, thank you for the quick response, we will try to resize the image, how large is the image supposed to be?

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For my game, My thumbnail has a size of 1900 x 1500

Maybe, around 1500 x 840? Keep in mind It’ll also probably have to crop out something…

Ok thanks, we will try that

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Sorry, it might be a while because we no longer have enough Gimbucks to upload it so we need to do some grinding.

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We got enough and it didn’t work.

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try uploading this image and publishing even if it says upload error:

(The way to know if it will work is to see if the publish link provided after publishing works)

I have this same issue but after email I found out that you just need a bigger format. I am still figuring it out but I think after enough players from your published link you should get it showing in the discovery. I would put the publish link in your bio so people can play it!

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Ok, how long does it normally take until the gimkit goes to the new releases section so we know if it doesn’t work?

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lemme see the desc u put cuz there are words that they don’t allow

I’m not quite sure right now but I think after people stop publish the platofrming maps your might pop up! but I would say try that thumbnail and put the publish link in your bio so that you could get plays and maybe get onto trending!

Anyways! Welcome to the forums!

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Ok, we will wait for it to pop up. Thank you.

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Ok, we realized that we got the link of the bat, I will add it to my bio.

Ok, I added it to my bio if you want to play it!

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