Published Discovery map not showing up

my map is called lifesteal, and it is a scratch graph paper gim in the mid of the image it isn’t unapropate the direct link still works

but when I search it up it does not work

try to put the title of the game in the description of it and see if that works

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Welcome @skmineforever and maybe just refresh.

The search function for Gimkit is based on description not the title


Don’t advertise your map @skmineforever

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Oh no, not the ads!
I can’t resist it!
immiediatly tries to find map

they are not trying to they just are curious why it isnt working

The resolved tag is no longer used.

Yeah but by saying the name of the map it counts as advertisement.

well no I have seen many help topics saying I need help on “this named” map

That is advertising their map even if they don’t mean to let get on topic

one last comeback WHAT ABOUT TOPICS SAYING “I need help on my map called kjerie” so then people can know what to say

but thats the last thing I am going to say now lets get back on topic

Huh there aloud there game about just not the name of it anyways back on topic.

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I had this same exact problem…I wanted to find my map on the discovery and then when i typed in my map’s name it didnt show up and it showed a whole bunch of other maps

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maybe try looking up your name in the search

will do! ill check that

It searches by description.


No is it not advertising.

one thing is how do i veiw my map’s description…Please let me know

Go in to your map and go to the place where you published it.