Publish when a map is deleted

I try to avoid making too many Help topics, but I need to know: If you make a map, pay the 1000 Gim bucks and then delete the map, will the map stay published?

uh i dont know
try it yourself! (jk u might waste 1000 gimbucks)

I don’t think so.

@Blizzy is asking as well


Thanks. I’ll wait and see.

I hate that people who bought ticket get it free, its just saying Rich rule poor drool and school accounts drool

not necessarily

It’s not that bad. There is still the wix.

well still why do we non payers have to pay to publish just because we dont have ticket

Because, gimkit needs the money to keep permeant servers up.


how does game money have to do with that?

The data that is public has to be stored. That costs money. Welcome to the real world.


They can use that money to help keep the servers up even with large amounts of traffic.

season ticket costs 250₱ pesos

like 1$ = 60₱ most of the time


one last question, what if everyone bought the ticket?

they shove you in the servers

Gimkit would have really good servers.
Like really good.
However, not everybody who uses gimkit would pay, I’d say 5-10% of people buy the season ticket.
Maybe even a little bit higher.

That would help gimkit a lot.

yall are still yapping about prices?
honestly idc abt season pass

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the season pass gave me a paper cut

ok im going back on topic now


Idc either but the fact that now If i want to show my map to the millions I HAVE TO PAY

Or, you can use the wix. It won’t be millions, but it will be enough.

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