Psuedo Health for Textboxes [and other mechanics for tower defense]

Ok, then let’s avoid that for now.

you could literally put something destructible behind it and wire it to where the text disappears when it’s destroyed

But props literally can’t respawn.

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Dude, the thing has no actual health. It has fake health and is a texbox.

And we damage it using blocks or counters.

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you could put 10000000 props and wire it to destroyed - show prop
but that would take up a lot of memory
so nevermind i guess

5k prop limit and that’s too much memory and sentry limit and no

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You literally don’t have enough memory for even 100000 wire repeaters.

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100,000 memory limit, after all

it was a joke, nobody would actually put 10000000 props( mainly bc, like you said, it isnt possible

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Look, I’m only trynna help

If you’re trying to help, then don’t joke around with answers you know are wrong.

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I got that, it’s just that this is really hard and we are discussing abstract concepts and there is no simple solution.

first of all, I actually didn’t know
second of all(sorry) i didn’t completely read the post and see that you were talking about a sentry
third of all sorry I won’t post ideas on the topic again since I don’t understand the concept completely


[Ok, let’s ignore the fact that sentries are not involved.]

Explain the for loop more.

You can ask for us to explain it to you if you want to help. Just don’t post answers that you know are wrong.

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i didn’t know
ive already explained that

Ok. We don’t have to changed the number with a for loop. With a trick of number theory, we can just multiply by the base, which is 2 in this case. However, you do need a for loop to convert to text.

oh sorry i was talking to getrithekd

It’s okay.

Cassius asked me to explain the for loop more.