Prototypes for Market/trade area in gimkit OLYMPUS

Should we or should we not add a market to OLYMPUS

  • Yes
  • No
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If so what should it be called

  • The “Agora”
  • Athens Central
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Looking to build a market and need prototypes/suggestions for it
looking for:


Market Stands
Side buildings
Walk-ins (small areas of the market players could walk into to shop)
A central green house
and ally ways

Specifics for props

BARREL (WATER) 1 and 2
Barrel(empty) 1 and 2
Barrel 1 and 2
Large barrel
Armor display
Armor display (empty)
Basket of apples
Fruit boxes (any kind)
shield (any kind)
Circus tent (blue)
Circus tent (red)
Hay (any type)
Groundbreaking plant (any type)
Heavy hammer
ink and pen
Junk pile
Medieval banner (any kind)
Medieval lantern (all)
Medieval pitcher (all four)
Medieval streetlight
Metal cup
open and closed scrolls (all)

Specific shops
Plate seller
Coral merchant
fruit merchant
A bard selling scrolls
Suggestions/Codes padlet

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Good luck on OLYMPUS

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kinda sounds like a lot but would be fun

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Yes it is, its me and @I_Like_Props building it but there are a lot of contributors for making prototypes

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can I get some screen shots???

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Hephaestus area will be deleted and probably be redone in the market since the we should have a market side of the poll is winning

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Looking Good So far!!

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close call between Athens Central and The Agora but Athens Central wins with 12% more than The Agora
With 100% market wins over no market

like it that’s amezing

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love how you use gimberrys in the garden of hesperieds.

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