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So I want my game’s score be seconds survived, and once you get eliminated, you get sent to the Gimlag. Once you’re sent to the Gimlag, if you get an elimination, you earn an extra 2 seconds. The problem is, I want to keep their amount less than the people still in the real battlefield, but I don’t know how to do that. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you!


Edit: The time will still tick in the battlefield, but not in the Gimlag waiting room. I already know how to do this, just making that clear.

I’ll be able to help with that I think. Just give me a second to work everything out.

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when you say this:

do you mean you now get 2 seconds survived per second, or that you get 2 seconds added to your score?

2 seconds added to your score

ok. wire the teleporter that sends you to gimlag with to a trigger. In the triggers blocks
Set Property Value: Gimlag check = 1

Then, wire a knockout manager to a checker. Make the checker check if the amount of property gimlag check =1. then wire the checker to a different trigger, so if check passes → trigger. In that trigger’s blocks, make it
Set Property Value: Seconds Survived
Get Property Seconds Survived + 2

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Yeah I think @LlamaLady22 explained it pretty good. I’m not too good at this because I’m pretty new here. :upside_down_face:


Sorry, @LlamaLady22 , my question was preventing someone in the Gimlag from having more seconds than the people in the real battlefield, not adding 2 seconds when you eliminate.

I know this is off-topic but I’m sad that @LlamaLady22 is not going to be as active anymore.:slightly_frowning_face:

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Am I allowed to Bump my own help topic when it is still unresolved and nobody’s responding?

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this does not need to unresolved tag

It’s still unresolved though… if it’s not for that situation, what is it for?

it’s for more complicated things and sometimes impossible things
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Ohhhh that makes sense ok I’ve taken that off

You said this isn’t complicated… do you have a solution?

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, I just skimmed the replies of the topic (read the first post/the topic). Since the property is player-scoped, couldn’t you just make the property stop increasing for people in the gulag so people not in the gulag have a higher score? The only way the person in the gulag would have a higher score than people outside of it is if the person in the gulag kills the sentry in less than 2 seconds which would be almost impossible unless the player has gone to the gulag twice and is able to locate where the sentry is.

That’s what I need. I just added this edit to make it more clear:

I just want to make sure the time count for the Gims in the Gimlag doesn’t go higher than the time of the people not in the Gimlag, because:

give them the points a few seconds after they enter Gimlag

I mean, what I need is a code that will make sure the amount of time survived in the Gimlag doesn’t go higher than the time in the real battlefield (because of eliminations adding too many seconds)

To do that, you would need to check for the heighest amount of points in the gimlag. Once you find that, just give everyone who has less points than that on the real battlefield 1+ the highest number of points in the gimlag. Easily done with some relays and block code.

Ok, how do I check for the highest amount? How do I know the highest amount won’t change? did you mean -1?