Property Situation

How do i Classify a Certain PLayer as a certain class (e.g. 1 is scout, 2 is soldier, up to 9 is spy) using properties

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like i want when a player presses a button, the button changes a property to update based on button they pressed (e.g. is they press button 1, the property is updated to 1, and the player receives weapon 1. if they press button 2, the property updates to 2, and the player receives weapon 2.) i want 9 different classes, so 9 different buttons.

bump cuz idk :us:

I making a Wars Team game… so I placed a button and and it grants a item, but I think you can use a counter and it updates a propety, and when its updated it increments a counter like its target is 1 and it grants a item… maybe that

im trying to make like if you press button, the class property is updated to the class number (9 classes total) and you get a weapon based on your class

nvm i got it :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us:

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