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So i was wondering how to do this, I wanted to add prop knockouts on the leaderboard, and I was thinking to change the leaderboard settings to property. So i added a counter, there are wires connected from the props to the counter (counter is set to teams), and i wanted to make it so that counter will be the property like when the counter is 2, i want the property on the leaderboard to be 2 (i also already have a property device).

Prop destroyed → Increment counter

Counter is linked to the property. Pretty simple.

Any questions?

it wont let me connect the counter to the property for some reason

Oh, sorry. Not with wires. In a counter’s settings, one of its tabs is marked "Property.’ From there, you can add a property name, and it will link up to it.

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so i just tested it, and right now I have a prop connected to the counter and the wire is set to increase to counter when prop is destroyed, and I did the other steps for the property, and the leaderboard is still stuck at 0

try changing the leaderboard to track a property

i have already did that

Is the property a number property and has a different name compared to others?

OOOHHH, it isnt set to number lol thanks for the help its working now

No problem!

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already done thanks again

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