Properties & Variables

So I am curious, what is the difference between properties, and variables? I know variables only work on one device and don’t carry over. So, does that mean properties DO carry over? I do not understand how it works. Just curious.

yeah sorta. properties are a device and variables aren’t’.

@McDonaldsCEO, properties do carry over - it’s an in game device, also it can be a number, true/false, or text value. Also variables can store anything but true/false values. I hope this helps!

variables can store all sorts of things, like blocks and other stuff
but only inside of a block

properties store things that can be accessed everywhere

You mean properties?

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no it can do text and I think code too

and please no gkc wither

I just don’t need a wither


As far as I tested it can take numbers only, also the code has to result in a number.
Edit - It can take text values, my fault (I sold)