Properties question

this is probably not possible but can you combine/merge properties

Can you elaborate?

Um, let’s say, could I combine Property 1 with Property 2, making them only one property?

You could in the block editor make it only read one section of a single property so it’s one property that can hold two sets of data if you’re using blocks.

Technically no, you would need another property and a trigger to combine them.

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alright, thanks @Fulcrum-19

Isn’t that basically combining them?

Well yes, but the OP appears to be asking for a way to make a system where you have Property A and Property B be combined into either Property A or B instead of creating a new Property like in the solution. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Ohh right. But isn’t it common sense that you need 2 or more properties to merge their values together?

well its just making a new property that stores the data of 2 different ones… so technically, yeah, but it would have to be text… which means it cannot be used in the leaderboard or checkers. only used in block code

Why couldn’t you use a number property? Couldn’t you just use block code to add the values of two properties together and then set the other property’s value to that?

It ultimately depends on what the properties are being used for. If we’re adding them arithmeticly (ex: 1+1=2) this system could work, but in other systems where you need to combine properties in a diffrent fashion (ex: apple+banana=applebanana) a diffrent system may need to be in place.

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Oh i thought he wanted them to be shown separately:
e.g. (prop1: 3, prop2: 57)

I thought so too from the OP making a recent post about asking how to make a pokemon leveling system. Perhaps we should have asked the OP what excatly does combining mean in this scenario lol.


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