Prop not hiding after relay

so I was making a relay and set the audience to Team 2. and then put a wire to a fence and the relay and did show prop.

I did another relay and set to Team 1. then I put a wire to the fence and relay and did hide prop.

When I spawned as Team 1, the prop didn’t hide. What happened?

Pictures please and thank you.

ok just a sec! I’ll upload some pics

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its not letting me take pics for some reason

Then I don’t know what to do until it happens.

Team 1:

team 2:

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got the pictures, here

Team 1 says, show prop, but didn’t you say, hide prop.

I did “hide prop” because I didn’t want to show it for team 1, but do show it for team 2. btw I gtg after 11:11 for a few hours

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Is the fence’s player scope on teams?

I’ll check in a few hours I gtg now

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u should use the life cycles too

Here is an example if u were to use channels instead of wires, if u want with wires, let me know. (watch the channels too) @huyckkid14


did u try what i said?

not yet I gtg now too

Normally, i would use wires, but try channels, that should hlp

when u do get a chance, try it.