Power Cubes In A Battle Royal Map (Now becoming upgrade cubes/tokens)

Making another help topic for my map. If you know, you know. [1]

I need a right amount of power boost for my game. The game is based off of Brawl Stars, so think of solo and duo showdown.

" for powercubes you can use seeds like how energy comes up in tag
And then correlate them to a property which decides the damage boosts
the only issue would be characters with damage boosts can get complicated " – Spoof

It can be times multiplier, or addition. I need to take into consideration of the different weapons that the different characters have.

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  1. If you don’t know, don’t ask. ↩︎

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So what are you asking for? Boosts? Characters?

If you have ever played Brawl Stars, if you pick up power cubes, you get a damage and health boost. I don’t know the right balance. I am too busy with other things in my map. I have too many characters… lol

Edit: I also need the whole system created. I haven’t started on it yet.

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Quick question does the players start out with shield? If so then maybe add shield. What weapon do they start with?

It varies. Look at this post. [1]

  1. More like 2, but the quotes are broken in the other one :frowning: ↩︎

Off topic: that was the last post I saw until I took a break from the forums lol.

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I made this specifically for brawl stars:

will that work?


Making an entire system would be hard. (R.I.P. memory)

no it wouldnt. just an extra little bit of block code.

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I mean, if you DON’T. And you use wires, NEVER use wires unless you HAVE to. Also, It would probably be near impossible without code, you would have to build a computer in gimkit. (OUCH)

But my guide above uses block code so it won’t be much of a problem…



Sort of.

Everyone starts out at 0 power cubes. You get more in brawl stars by eliminating boxes, and then picking them up. If you eliminate a player, you get about 50% of their total, rounded up. If a player has no power cubes when you eliminate them, you get 1 power cube.

I don’t know if all of that can be put into Gimkit though.

Sorry for the late reply!

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Definitely possible. I’m blasted after playing pickleball for 4.5 hours. I might get back to you tomorrow when I’m not so lazy lol



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