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the title is pretty self-explanatory, please help

Connect a checker that checks the item to a pop-up device so if the check fails the pop-up is opened.

well that would work, but here’s the thing. I have one trigger with 5 different blocks all choosing random integers from 0-4, and they’re all in a if do block checking if the integer is equal to a number, and if it is, they all transmit on they’re respective channels granting a player either a curse or a gift. but sometimes all of them aren’t and the player just ends up receiving nothing. I guess i should probably rename this post to better fit the needs of the situation, but i don’t know how to exactly explain it.

So you have 5 random numbers, and you wanna check if they are all 0, and if so open a popup?

no not exactly, i want it to check if all the integers aren’t equal to the number using to grant an item to player, open a popup. so basically, if all the integers aren’t equal to their respective numbers, open a popup.

Couldn’t you use four if statements that are inside each other, then if all of them pass broadcast on a channel to open a popup?

wdym statements?

Sorry, im a programmer. I meant IF blocks.


i think this is exactly what i’m looking for! i’m gonna test this out, brb.

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