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This has been made, like a lot of times, and this would be a guide, not a device post, please mark a solution and find another topic to make a guide on, one that hasn’t been made before.

You should probably change it to community made guides, and questioners don’t work for a preset kit in discovery.

Have other guides used questioners for this? I don’t remember seeing any.

Not sure, but you can just switch some of the guide, and you even said, “Don’t make remakes of existing guides” and you said even if its a tad bit different. This falls under that tad.

could I delete this post then? How do I do that?

Where did I say that? If I did, I need to change that. I mean that you shouldn’t make it if it’s the same.

You can just remove you wording and replacive with “Post deleted by author” the system will cose it in three hours from now.

I don’t think you should delete this guide because no other guides have used questioners. You also need to note that this doesn’t work for discovery games.

Btw I didn’t know other people made a guide about this

Well then why did you say to change it?

Because that’s where guides go.

I forgot about that. I’ll try to make it work. I’ll continue to expiriment with this.

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