Possible to make a interactive space ship

I’m making a game but i have an idea for a spaceship is it possible to make an interactive space ship

What do you mean? How do you want to make it interactable?

like you click a button you teleport to one place or if you click that button you get something

Can you choose one or be more specific?

Connect the button to a teleporter (button pressed, teleport here) then place the teleporter wherever you want. You can also connect a button overlay to a teleporter in the space ship so you can get back there after you teleport to another area.

Or hook up a button to an item granter
(button pressed, grant item)

I’m trying to get an idea of what I should make I’m trying to make like the shape of the spaceship-like or what should I decorate it with yatta yatta

how do you make if you click on a prop it gives you something

Make it spaceship shaped then use one way out props to make it look futuristic.

Use what cameron mentioned except make the button invisible and place it on or near a prop.

Not currently available, you can make a button near a prop so that when you walk near it it gives you a button on-screen to press and hook it up to an item granter.

k I’ll to do that also how do i use layers to make props be on top of each other

Click on the layer button then move a prop over the other. (the layer button is the paper stack thing in the corner)

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